Lovin' Mother Earth

When I started Bliss And Mischief, I’d spent years disheartened by all the waste I saw working as a clothing designer. By nature, making products is wasteful, but I’ve always intended to make my pieces so well, so high quality, that they stand the test of time and, at least, become excellent vintage finds someday — OR even better, if they live in your closet for years and get passed down to whomever finds and loves them. 

Sustainability is a buzz word in fashion and greenwashing is rampant, so I wanted to share our practices below in hopes you always feel good about what you purchase from us. Every time you choose to shop small and sustainable, it absolutely has an effect on the world we want to live in, and for that, I thank you so much!

Here are some ways that BAM loves the Earth back:

1. We produce in small quantities. Overproduction hurts our planet, so we’re committed to only making as much product as we need.
2. We care about construction. We use French seams on the inside of our pieces and other high end construction throughout our collections. This designer-level sewing not only makes them beautiful inside and out (literally), but ensures they’ll last through many years and decades of use. 
3. Some of our styles are made-to-order. Our boots, for instance, are made by hand, one-by-one, by an expert shoemaker here in LA. Each pair is specially made for the customer, avoiding extra inventory and waste.
4. We love vintage! BAM started with all vintage denim, jackets, and tees that were reconstructed, embroidered and printed. We still use vintage which keeps these items from just piling up somewhere and reduces the waste of making something new.
5. Our fabrics are sustainable. Synthetic textiles are harmful to make and create micro plastics, so we only use natural fibers like organic cotton, along with deadstock denim and vintage textiles to reduce our impact.
6. We use recyclable and reusable packaging. Our boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, and notecards are made of Earth-friendly materials (and are cute enough to reuse, if we do say so ourselves.)

Cowboy Boots

Our boots are made-to-order, which means that they are made by hand, one-by-one, by an expert shoemaker in LA. Each pair is specially made for the customer, avoiding extra inventory and waste.

BAM Denim

Our signature Collector Fit is thoughtfully constructed from 13 oz 100% deadstock cotton denim. We source the highest quality fabric that will last, and even Vogue has taken notice.

Embroidered Jackets

Our jackets are authentic vintage military stock — each one is one-of-a-kind. Each jacket is chain stitched in LA by a local embroiderer and is made-to-order, so we’re never making more than we need. 

Kids Tees

Nature-inspired tees for your little one, made from the softest 100% organic cotton — Because you're never too young for a little Bliss And Mischief.