Introducing our BAM Tie Dye Joy Project

We asked 3 friends of the brand to share and document how they’re accessing Joy right now, with our cozy new Tie Dye Organic Sweatshirts, Sweatpants & Socks as the background...
“Joy has surprised me in moments when I am alone and don’t feel lonely. When I make space for myself to just be.”

"Early mornings in nature, quiet thought, and stretching help me feel calm, grounded, relaxed. From there I can take account of my reserve and see what I have capacity for that day. If I feel that my tank carries, I can then access feelings of playfulness, creativity and become imaginative. That’s been bringing me joy lately. Nature rules!"

"A deepening of internal intimacy from which, I, then form the next stage of embodiment, new possibilities are ever present, I continue to nourish myself from the wellspring of life’s creativity. This is joy."

Thank you to @the_last_hartmann,@nikidesaintamour, and @joynewell for being a part of this project and inspiring me always but particularly with how you’re navigating these times.

Collector Fit Denim

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A Previous Life Well Lived & Loved

Beloved hand picked vintage + lush chain stitch embroidery — The combo that’s always been the heart and soul of BAM.

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