4 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

From adding fresh blooms to reimagining your nightstand, we hope these ideas inspire you to breathe new life into your bedroom.  

1. Bring in fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers make everything better, especially if it means an excuse to display our cherished ceramics. This Vase by Ginny Sims is on our wishlist.

2. Change up your bedding.

Combine different patterns, textures, and colors to create a unique, personalized sanctuary that reflects your personality.

3. Update the lighting.

Illuminate your space with new lighting. We adore the work of Hwang Bishop, who we tapped for this custom sconce, and their range of glaze colors is so inspiring.

4. Reimagine your nightstand.

Stack up a few books you’ve been wanting to read or treat yourself to a fresh notebook and pen. Starting or ending the day by reading or journaling feels wonderful and the proximity makes the habit easier.