A Love Letter

The Future of BAM

I drew on some pants and it changed everything...

Well, it either started with the pandemic and the creation of said “Quarantine Dream Jeans” or it started a couple years ago when some of our biggest wholesale accounts began to phase out and I realized I had to shift my business entirely - Either way, here I am in the 7th year of Bliss And Mischief and I’ve got the ol’ 7 Year Itch. 

In the case of the Quarantine Dream Jeans, it was the unbridled act of working with my hands again, drawing, and creating with no other purpose than to please myself. I intentionally never really shared them (until now with some context pics below) because I didn’t want to feel the need to monetize them if people loved them or feel the sting of NOT being able to monetize them if no one said anything about just havingto have them. Cue Erykah Badu, "Because I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit!"

Working on these pants with just pencil and fabric markers while drawing the things I missed/loved (visiting Nighthawks at the Chicago Art Institute, a coffee out somewhere preferably while also in Paris, or going to Disneyland/eating corn dogs) took me on a Mr Toad’s Wild Ride of the Ego - Telling myself as I’m drawing that I just completely ruined these pants with those last few strokes because I’m not a real artist (yikes) to mentally fielding requests from various celebs that must have their own custom pair the second after I post this masterpiece on instagram (double yikes.) This embarrassing ping pong went on the entire time, but even as I watched my creative ego in amazement at this comedy/tragedy mind mask, I realized I was having FUN. And I was kind of objectively proud of myself.

Making these 'QDJs' reminded me about the essence of this brand that I love; Drawing-whether it be for embroidery art or for tee graphics, seeing the ‘hand’ of something in which you understand IMMEDIATELY that it was made by another person, repurposing something old and giving it new life, and something not mass produced or, more accurately, something not even medium produced but instead made in small limited runs or just one of a kind treasures. All of this is why I started Bliss And Mischief and I realized in this process that those principles are even more vital now.

While I think those original values have held true for our pieces, I’ve been feeling for awhile that the container needs a shake up, a grow up, a glow up. I'm going to embark on a new look for BAM - New site, new tags, new whatever I can get my hands on and execute in this self imposed amount of time of 3 months. Like all of us, the brand has grown up this last 7 years. And because the last year/four years have been particularly aging, I want the new BAM to bring you more inspiration, luxury, comfort, and joy - Because Baby, we deserve it!

So that’s the plan for now - A new Bliss And Mischief coming this late Spring/early Summer with a new special collection for your (hint) closet AND home. 

Until then, we won’t be releasing anything new BUT we will be doing Sales on all the classic BAM on the site (keep an eye on your inbox this Wednesday), sharing a special Spring Vintage Collection, and doing some archive/sample sales in the meantime. For many pieces that are on the site now, this may be your last chance to collect them. We’re wiping the slate clean, starting with fresh eyes, and using any other metaphor you can think of that would apply here. 

So help us ‘clear the decks’ by shopping those classic Bliss And Mischief pieces you’ve been eyeing and follow along as I share the process of making our Bliss Bliss-ier and our Mischief, um, Mischief-ier. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to share any suggestions, feedback, advice, (or if you’re a celeb that just must have a custom pair of QDJs), let me know - I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support all these years and particularly this last year. I can’t wait to share what we’re dreaming up.