The Gold Dust Collective

Deep in the Sierra Foothills of California, amid sequoia forests, rolling yellow hills and winding river, is former gold mine country. Along route 49 you’ll find Western towns of varying sizes, streets lined with aged clapboard and sawdust floor saloons, movie-sets made real, history caught in the amber of shared nostalgia.

Over the past few generations, these former gold fever boomtowns have been reborn as artist refuges and back to the land havens, nurturing thriving cultural scenes and a new era of bohemian exploration. The Gold Dust Collective brings the distinct aesthetic of the area into the many homes and businesses they style and design and the makers.

Elements of nature - found animal bones, river stones - are paired with locally sourced crafts and vintage treasures for the company’s fresh and modern take on the pioneer farmhouse or the outlaw cabin. Founded by Nevada City natives Kat Alves and designer and stylist Nikaya Schwarz, Gold Dust Collective revamps old into new, creating spaces and environments that welcome the future while embracing of a vivid and colorful past.

All photos from the Gold Dust Collective website.