The Enduring Allure of the A-Frame


Built as a functional, inexpensive and easy to kit-build option, the A-Frame is based on the traditional shed and chicken coop design, but in the 20th Century became the go-to architecture for those looking for simple weekend homes. By the end of WW2 A-frames began appearing on America’s lakesides, beach towns and mountaintops, sweet little getaways for the Post-War generation. With it’s quintessential sloped roof design the A-frame are ideal for snowbound environments, (snow slips easily from the roof) and for their open floor plan which invites communal living and offers wide sky views.

We love A-frames in part because they feel intimate, but also daring, a irresistible combination of edgy design in a compact, cheerily cute package. It’s safe to say we’ve got A-frame fever.

We’re yearning for the view out a floor-to-ceiling glass, of flower filled meadow or frozen creek, for feeling that warm breeze blowing in or a wood stove crackling, keeping us cozy in the bearskin corner. We’re daydreaming of the slanted wood walls, the smell of buckwheat and maple drifting up into the sleeping loft, the giddy laughter of wine-soaked summer nights.

Close our eyes, and we can see that sweet A-frame, glowing gold under a swollen moon.