Shelter Book


First published in 1973, Shelter is one of those books you get lost in, an image rich compendium of organic and hand-constructed architecture that never cease to inspire and amaze. Large format, with thousands of detailed photos and illustrations, this is one of the legendary tomes that helped to launch the ‘get back to the land and grab a hammer’ movement of the early 1970s.

Proclaiming itself a “sourcebook for living in harmony with the earth,” Shelter provided historical references, concrete plans and easy to follow how-tos for those looking to create simple but aesthetically dreamy structures, everything from Bedouin tents, tipis, tree-houses and domes.

Now in it’s gazillionth printing, the newest edition includes interviews with the authors (the revered Lloyd Kahn and Bob Easton), as well as updates, problem solving tips and even more incredible images of beautiful hand built spaces from around the globe.

All images from the Shelter Publications website.