Mitch Battesse


There are so many things to love about the incredible Autry Museum of the American West, but one of our favorite events at this multifaceted institution is the annual American Indian Arts Marketplace, where you can buy from nearly 200 Native American artists, from 40 different tribes, working in jewelry, artwork, basketry, sculpture, fabrics and more. The Marketplace and the Autry abide by the American Indian Arts and Craft Act of 1990, which means that all the artwork for sale on the grounds of the marketplace is sold by the American Indian artist who has created the piece. 

We return each year (the Marketplace takes place every November) excited particularly for the delicate, whimsical line drawings and watercolors of Mitch Battesse. Battesse depicts the natural world - animals, landscapes - in pure, bright, strokes, playing deftly with light and color. The last three years we've visited, we've left with several of Battesse's pieces,  happy to be able to purchase original work from the artist himself - supporting another’s creativity while bringing beauty into our own world.