KBAM Radio: Lucinda Williams

“an example of the best of what country, at least says it is…”
— Emmylou Harris

You can hear her sing alongside greats like Willie Nelson, Ray Davies, Steve Earle, Elvis Costello, Terry Allen and more. She’s won a whole hell of a lot of Grammys, put out countless records, performed on stages around the globe to adoring crowds.

Emmylou Harris called her, "an example of the best of what country, at least says it is…” implying that when Lucinda Williams steps up to the mic, boundaries are pushed and rules are broken.

With her soul bared, hard-bitten vocals, and her cracked and yearning lyrics, this is a woman who sings and writes with heart on sleeve, creating with an honesty that is sometimes brutal, but always cathartic.  

She came to country when country’s moon was waxing, coming into her own in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Ultimately, it was Lucinda who was responsible for keeping the pulse beating and strong – writing pure, authentic red dirt Americana music in an era of hair bands and sequined sugar pop.  

Listen to her first record on through to her most recent, and you'll know Lucinda is tried and true. Over the last three decades she has kept the heart of country beating, always making sure to give it to us deep and sweet and raw as ever.