KBAM Radio: Elvis

Watch a young Elvis move and you’ll see why the world swooned. It’s hard to imagine now, in an age of infinite celebrity, but he was THE pop icon, a celebrity bigger than the world had ever seen – a star burst straight from the chest of sweet Southern kid with a sneer and a scowl and a voice that sounded like cool water on a hot day.

Elvis, before the glitz and the big-bellied softness that comes with too much success, was as beautiful as any man could be. He strutted, he jerked, he thrust and he made them all faint with one outlaw look from beneath his jet black pompadour. 

The “King of Rocknroll” as he will forever be known was born in Tupelo Mississippi in 1935, a skinned-kneed and tow-headed boy from the deepest part of the American South. Elvis Aaron Presley  grew up with not much more than talent, but by the time he was in his teens he was knocking them flat with that voice, causing the good kind of troubles and breaking a whole lotta hearts.

Everyone that came after took a little something from him, just as he had taken something from the ones before, but it was Elvis, that first pushed us into a new age of music, Elvis that first brought the world to its knees.