KBAM Radio: Dolly Parton


The true magic of Dolly Parton is that is she is much, much more than meets the eye, the skilled and petite singer songwriter with the wigs and the perkiness and yes, the breasts – is something beyond the sum of her parts. Dolly can sing and she can write and she can play and she’s paid her dues,  from country dirt floor childhood to gilded manor fame.

But the true and undeniable beauty of Dolly is that under those piles of platinum curls and D-cup allure is a businesswoman of the most formidable kind. Dolly does what she wants. Dolly gets what she wants. Dolly, and these are the facts - has 2 Academy Award nominations, 10 Country Music Awards and a total of 46 (!) Grammy nominations,  8 actual Grammy  awards and a thriving living museum/amusement park/tourist attraction named in her honor.

Dolly, in short, is a woman like no other. Just the sort of 'no apologies, total talent, all hard work, no B.S.' kind of lady, we can all admire. 


Here are some of our favorite Ms. Parton moments:

Islands in the Stream


I Will Always Love You

9 to 5

  Polaroid portrait by Andy Warhol

Polaroid portrait by Andy Warhol