KBAM Radio: Christine McVie


She was born in the Lake District of England, home of great poets and epic vistas. She studied art and sculpture before she began making music in earnest. The subtle strength behind some of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits and one of the finest singer/songwriters of the era, Christine McVie is one of the unsung heroines of rocknroll. 

She was already an established musician in the UK, playing in several bands (and voted best female vocalist in Melody Maker in 1969 and 1970) when she married Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie. Ultimately, group would last far longer than the marriage, with McVie’s lyrics and songwriting talent producing multiple hits and her husky, sultry voice providing feminine songbird vocals alongside Stevie Nicks.  McVie was the lean, no-nonsense tomboy to Nicks’ lace and frills, a sly and wry intellectual despite a lifetime business that may have wanted her to be something very different.

She is one of those quiet powerhouses, the rock behind the roll of one of the biggest bands in the land, long before there were many of her kind.  McVie is as true with herself as she in her writing. As she once told a reporter when asked to give advice to young musicians,  “Learn your instrument. Be honest. Don't do anything phony. There is so much crap floating around. There is plenty of room for a bit of honest writing.”

Take a listen to some of McVie’s finest Fleetwood Mac tunes… 


Say You Love Me

You Make Love Fun

Don't Stop

  Nicks and McVie

Nicks and McVie

7411b3f9144796d5d6bb00437bbfca7e.jpg McVie kicking up her heels with Fleetwood Mac

McVie kicking up her heels with Fleetwood Mac