There is just something about a greenhouse- glass walled, feverishly humid, the smell of damp soil and the shafts of sunlight drifting through plant spore and mist…

From the classic Victorian to the sleekly modern – a structure made of clear panes on steel frame has some sort of magic too it, in the same way as the tree-house or backwoods cabin. Greenhouses are secret places, full of growth and life, miraculously nurturing plants through the bitter days of winter - allowing tomatoes to grow juicy red in December or a rare Amazonian orchid to bloom deep in the American Midwest.

Greenhouses have been around since the Roman Empire, but it wasn’t until the 13th Century when they began to be built of clear glass. A craze for botany among the wealthy in the early 1800s gave rise to a greenhouse mania, resulting in the ornate and intricately detailed greenhouse - a must-have for the aristocratic elite. Today, it makes it’s rise again in an era of sustainable living and home gardening chic, with new greenhouse designs boasting a ‘back to the land’ ethos match with a modernist aesthetic.  

Whatever the design, functional or fashionable, the allure of the greenhouse - is hard to resist.