Georgia O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch


Georgia O’Keefe first visited Taos, New Mexico in 1929 and the epic, elegant landscapes of the American Southwest took a hold of her…and never let go.

Eventually O’Keefe’s made a home there, dubbed it "Ghost Ranch" and the spot become respite, retreat and continual inspiration for her art, with the stark, clean beauty of both desert cliff and adobe wall, leaving an indelible effect on both her life and her creative work. One flat-topped mountain in particular, called “Pedernal”, which rises from the mesa just to the south of her property, became a favorite subject for her paintings. “It’s my private mountain,” she said. “God told me if I painted it often enough I could have it.” 

Some glimpses into O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch dreamscape, (all from a 1984 issue of Architectural Digest), below...