A Manual of Colors from 1692


The fact of its existence is nothing less than miraculous. Created in 1962, by an unknown artist and researcher, A. Boogert, this incredible color manual features 800 pages of delicate and slightly varying hues, each painted with painstaking attention to detail.

Long before Pantone, Boogert was adding one, two and three parts water to each primary color of the palette, allowing for an intensive study and in-depth exploration of the use of color in art.

Strikingly comprehensive, Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau, was originally intended as an educational guide. As only book of it’s kind in existence,  we imagine it’s fragile pages turned with care and gazed at with awe by the lucky few whom were allowed to view it. Hundreds of years later, it remains an incredible testament to academic rigor, patience, intensity and passion.

You can view the entirety of this incredible book HERE